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The Science of 

 Save money by spot painting existing paint jobs.

Why we spot paint

Spot painting is appropriate when your car needs only one or two panels painted. In some cases, painting those panels could cost more than painting the whole car. Still, it could be the smart decision especially for late model cars.


The repaired area and adjacent panels are chemically cleaned and block sanded to give a precise and flawless surface for painting.


In spot painting, there is a multiple masking process to ensure on accurate "blending" of the new and old paint as well as to protect the undamaged areas of your car's finish.

Auto body painting

Painting requires a special multi-step application process to ensure a quality blending of the new and old finishes. With special fast-drying paint, this blending process requires up to three separate layers of paint spread sequentially beyond the original area.

Auto Body Clear Coat

Clear coats are often applied to ensure an accurate gloss match and a seamless repair, and to enhance durability.

Spot Painting


Color matching & paint color formulation
The age and condition of your car's finish can greatly affect the formulation for color match. To color correct accurately, the professional spray painter must measure the formula within one-tenth of a gram tolerance, spray test panels, and if necessary color correct by eye to achieve the best possible color match.

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