Baca Paint & Body FAQ

How can Baca Paint & Body charge so much less than anyone else?
Our time-tested production systems make the repair process extremely efficient. 

Which is better for my vehicle — overall or spot painting? 
Overall painting is often a great choice for restoring the surface of older vehicles. An older car has undergone significant depreciation, and a complete repainting can actually increase its value. Spot painting is the best way to protect the value of newer vehicles. We only paint where necessary, exactly matching that paint for a seamless repair.

Can you match the paint color exactly? 
Yes. We take great pride in our ability to match factory finishes.

How soon will I get my car back?
Our size significantly reduces cycle times compared to other shops. We’ll get you back on the road quickly, usually in no more than three or four days. 

Should I pay for an accident repair myself or let my insurance company handle it?
Due to rising insurance costs, more and more people are paying for minor accident repairs “out of pocket,” and we’re happy to discuss cost-saving options. We Dont deal with insurance companys due to the economy.

Can I get an estimate over the phone?
Each vehicle is different, and when you bring yours in we’ll help you select the right service based on how long you plan to keep it, its age and condition, and your budget. We Can do it, but it would be best if we see the vehicle first.

Can I change the vehicle’s color?
Yes, you definetly can.
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